ProgSkeet V.1.0 barebone PCB(白色版)(PS3 V3.70 から V3.55をダウングレード可能)

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【商品内容】ProgSkeet V.1.0 barebone PCB(白色版)




ProgSkeet V.1.0 barebone PCB(白色版)にて成功にPS3 V3.70 から V3.55をダウングレード可能となる。



   The ProgSkeet is your one and only solution to your flashing needs. Whether it is NAND, NOR or any other kind of non-volatile memory - just solder, plug in and operate!

   Blazing fast read/write speed!
Beside software-side updates, you can also expect hardware updates powered by customer requests!

  With a broad range of applications, such as EEPROM programming (among others: Altera, Lattice FPGA/CPLD), Bad flash recovery, more commonly known as "Unbricking" (Modems, video cards, cell phones, music players) and plain serial programming (manufacture of your own device).

  Supported devices include, but are not limited to: K9F1G08, S29GL128, K8Q2815, HY27US08.

  Industrial programmers often range in the EUR 1000+ range with limited customer support. ProgSkeet can compete with these programmers all the while maintaining low cost!