xecuter-ck3i XBOX360 key吸出し専用ツール

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【対応機種】全体 phat/slim XBOX360  


全体phat/slim XBOX360のキーファイル簡単に吸出したり可能

  • 100% Compatible with all XBOX 360 DVD drive models both Phat and Slim.
  • 100% Compatible with all flashing tools inc Jungle Flasher
  • JungleFlasher Controlled Power ON/OFF/CYCLE
  • Manual Controlled Power ON/OFF/CYCLE
  • JungleFlasher Controlled Eject Open/Close/Half Tray
  • Manual Controlled Eject Open/Close/Half Tray
  • JungleFlasher Controlled ModeB
  • Manual Controlled ModeB
  • Self-Resetting PPTC Fuses to prevent damage if you plug in the power cable incorrectly
  • Extra power filters for a cleaner, safer design
  • Auto/Manual Mode LED’s
  • Power On/Off LED
  • ModeB On/Off LED
  • Includes USB Cable
  • Custom Designed Case
  • High Build Quality
  • Trusted Xecuter Design


  • Windows PC (XP/VISTA/7 32/64 Bit)
  • Compatible SATA (We Recommend Xecuter X360USB PRO)
  • Latest Jungle Flasher Software
  • Good Quality Molex Power Supply
  • USB Port
  • Windows Drivers Download: Click Here